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If you have been dreaming about that perfect dog that you want to take home, and make your own, then you have come to the right place! Here at Poochd, we have got you covered and then some when it comes to great dog breeders. Here, we have put together an extensive list of dog breeders that have some of the most adorable, sweet, loving, and incredible dogs around. It doesn’t matter what area you happen to live in, or what type of dog you happen to be looking for, the listings that we have carefully compiled will help you find the dog of your dreams!

Here at Poochd, we know the struggle that goes along with trying to find that perfect dog to call your own. That is why we have made it a reality that all of our dog breeder listings come with as much detailed information as possible, as well as color photos, and honest reviews. Each of the listings on our site come with great recommendations, and are known for being amazingly kind and sweet dog breeders, with spectacular dogs available!


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Available day or night, you won’t ever have to worry about getting your next dog from a breeder that you can’t trust. Each of the dog breeders listed on our site have all been chosen for their experience, expertise, knowledge, care,
consideration, kindness, generosity, conditions, etc. We list only the best dog breeders around, which means you can feel secure that when you get a dog from any of our dog breeder listings, you will be getting a dog that comes from a great home, full of a lot of love and kindness! For more information about all of our dog breeder listings, feel free to contact us today. We update our list the time, so make sure to visit our site regularly, in order to get the latest updates on the best dog breeders in your area.

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